etsy finds : food photography

I'm a complete sucker for beautiful food photography. I can spend literally hours searching through gorgeous cookbooks, well-designed photo-based food blogs, and Flickr food photography groups. To me, it is absolute perfection when someone can truly capture the beauty of food. Last night I was searching through Etsy for food photos to someday purchase for our kitchen walls and came across some really lovely images from some familar and some new sellers.

1. Cupcake from Lisa Marie Grillos ($25), 2. Good Morning Diptych from Fieryeyed Photography ($20), 3. Cake from Beard & Howell ($25), 4. Bit of Honey from Simply Photo ($15), 5. Orange Cremesicle Triptych from Phoebe C. ($22), and 6. Fresh Figs from Emma Williams ($20)


  1. Oh these are all so pretty, and definitely would look lovely in a kitchen. Thanks for introducing me to some new Etsy sellers!

  2. check out the pic of my Australia Day chocolate Pavlova! lucious!
    unfortunately what you can't see is that under that lid of Pav is a giant air pocket! argg no fear, I filled it with cream, Yay!


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