hello 2008!

A new year, a somewhat new layout... saying goodbye to the holiday gift guide and hello to the color pink. The holidays came and went in a flash and now I cannot believe we're already into the second week of 2008. We arrived back home to Portland yesterday and now all I want to do is curl in bed with my laptop and take a nice long rest.

Some new year's resolutions I have for this website:
-Update very frequently.
-Begin doing interviews with inspiring people.
-Spotlight a ton of new artists.
-Interact with my readers
-Add many new features.

One thing I managed to get accomplished this evening is a new flickr set containing a large amount of fresh and modern interiors that inspire me greatly. I will continue to update the set on a very regular basis, so be on the lookout for new images: My Interiors Set.

Happy 2008 everybody!


  1. Hi Summer,
    I am David's (Mr. Brownsuit) sister. He mentioned how great your blog is and I'm glad he did - totally one of my favorites! You have great taste. I'd love to know what you think of mine http://www.designsprout.com.
    Good luck!
    ^ Veronica

  2. Hi Summer! Welcome back. I've been checking back often hoping to see you on soon. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to reading your 2008 posts!

  3. oh wow i was happily sucked in to the vortex that is your flicker interiors set.lovely lovely lovely!
    spent a few hours just cruising the links. (thanks to starwars for entertaining my twins the entire time, now thats parenting! hehe)

  4. hello! i think this is my first comment here. just wanted to tell you that i'm pretty much in love with that Flickr set - it's very inspiring!

    Lindsey Clare


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