etsy : fifteen favorites of the moment.

I have been spending a whole lot of time the past few days browsing through Etsy, something I try to do every month or so, checking out new artists. I thought I should share some of the beautiful handmade items I have recently come across, fifteen to be exact. Please enjoy!

1. Vintage Bobby Pins from Sprout Studio ($14), 2. Braille Silhouette No. 3 from Pen & Paper ($35), and 3. Pair of Cake Stands from Whitney Smith ($135)

4. Jean Cocteau Tribute Bracelet from Si:Ca Design ($70), 5. Cupcake Cards Pack of 4 from Modern Radar ($12), and 6. Friedal in an Egg Cup from Sonja Ahlers ($90)

7. Birdhouse Wall Decal from Holly ($19), 8. April Showers- London from Askey Illustration ($20), and 9. Finn-Juhl Modern Design Deck Series from Still Room Studio ($25)

10. The Mystery of the Missing Sun Paper Wreath from Haru ($80), 11. Hi Mr Giant Sequoia from Hi Tree ($60), and 12. Apple Jacket from Jacqueline Knits ($12)

13. Tree Stump from LaMaga Illustrations ($40), 14. Set of 4 Letterpress Owl Notecards ($10), and 15. Stapled 2 from Light Leaks ($38)


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