more pretty florals.

My intense love of soft and pretty florals is still going very strong. I partly blame Alicia for this since she seems to live in a world of aqua blue and gorgeous florals and it is always so very inspiring. And yes, I am anxious for springtime. Awaiting frequent sunshine and mild days and planting a new garden.

1. Emily Dress ($14.99), 2. Parasol Floral Print Top ($323), 3. Poppy Earrings ($15), 4. Twiggy Flower Sophia Cosmetic Totes - Set of 3 ($39.95), 5. Blue Flora Small Plate ($12), 6. Tall Rainboot ($34), 7. Porcelain Cherry Blossom Vase ($26), 8. Blossom Classic Mug (£7.00), 9. Flat Flower Yello (£3.50), and 10. Beaded-flower Tie Belt ($68)

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