things i love thursdays.

Sweet and pretty baking supplies:

1. Nonstick Flower Cake Pan from Sur La Table, 2. A Measuring Gaggle from Anthropologie

Totally cute independently-crafted valentines:

1. Couple in Love from Eggpress, 2. Crafty Birdie from Rock Scissor Paper

Modern leaf prints:

1. Season Rim Bowl Set from Not Neutral, 2. Stilla Fabric from Marimekko

Vulgar, yet feminine embroidered goods:

1. No Time to Fuck, 2. Decorative Love Rag from Double Speak

Breathtaking food photography:

1. Chocolate Cupcake... photo from Cupcake Blog, 2. Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Squares from Smitten Kitchen

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