ten images of inspiration : warmer days ahead.

I must say, I am mighty sick of the rain up here in the Pacific Northwest. As nice as it sounds against my bedroom windows, I am craving repeated days of sunshine. And now that's it's May, the days are getting warmer and the sun is showing itself more often. Summertime warmth, I'm ready for you.

Sources (from top to bottom): Amalia Chimera, Emma Hardy, Chus Sanchez, Matthew Franklin, Mary Robinson, Beulah, Ezgi Polat, Aubrey Trinnaman, Arden Wray, and Stephanie Del Monte.


  1. I desperately need warm days, here it keeps rainy... enough! :D
    hello from NYC http://upgemini.blogspot.com/

  2. ahhh love every image. can't wait for naps outside, and picnics and bike rides and trips to the beach at night :) check out my blog and etsy! everything is on sale.

  3. Hear hear! I was so happy today to finally get some sun on my pale skin. Pacific NW peeps start getting pretty crabby this time of season when they are dying for some Vitamin D!

  4. i felt the sun kiss my cheeks this afternoon for the first time in what had felt like an eternity. here's to a lovely summer (that us nw girls deserve)!

  5. Really lovely post.. the third image is beautiful, the lighting in gorgeous and I really want that kitty!

    Niki @ http://little-quaint-moments-and-memories.blogspot.com/

  6. it is such a nice feeling knowing that warmer weather is coming! here in south africa it is only getting colder :(

  7. Same here! Let the sun shine in...:)

  8. Those pictures are all so beautiful. The first is especially dreamy!


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